Join me for an evening of improv 101! 

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at improv, build confidence, and/or just get down with yo' silly self...

this is YOUR moment!

There will be games.

There will be fun.

There will be snacks.

(Yes snacks!!!)

Open to ALL ages!


For details email: 

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and receive 1/2 off for you & a friend!

1HR. Session



1HR. session

via Skype


I also offer private coaching and mentoring for actors and non-actors. Near, far, wherever you are…I can help you showcase the best you with confidence and ease....and we'll also have fun too!!!! 

Typical sessions consist of:


  • Public Speaking & confidence building

  • Prepping for school auditions and performances

  • Monologue coaching (classical and contemporary)

  • Song performance  

  • Cold Reading skills

  • Combating Nerves

  • AND Battling little life demons. Those guys suck, right?!

For people across the pond, down under, or just around the river bend, I also provide personal sessions via Skype.


          $55/hour (in-person)
          $45/hour (via Skype) 

For more info or to arrange a session email me: 



 I look forward to working with you!